These Bright Pink Timbs Will Blind You With Breast Cancer Awareness

These Bright Pink Timbs Will Blind You With Breast Cancer Awareness

For those who want to literally stomp out cancer (or rather stomp out cancer-screening resources like Planned Parenthood but then haphazardly decide not to) while stomping all over fashion decency, these limited edition Susan G. Komen Timberland boots should do the trick.

Susan G. Komen, noted patent-holder on the color pink and general lying liars, will be offering the Pink Collection 6 inch waterproof boots between September 27 (this Saturday) and January 1 of 2015. For every pair of the $180 boots sold, $5 will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation with a $25,000 guaranteed minimum donation. Also, they only come in mens and kids sizes, so women, you are shit out of luck. That’s right, the pink breast cancer awareness Timberlands are not available in women’s sizes. Let that sink in for a second.

Pink boots aren’t a new thing for Timberland, which offers their women’s Nellie Chukka design in at least two shades of pale pink. But the Susan G. Komen-branded magenta boots only reinforce how ridiculous donor-pleasing corporate marketing schemes, lovingly termed “pinkwashing” behind breast cancer awareness can be.

Also those boots are just plain ugly.

[h/t Sam Woolley]

Image via Timberland.

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