Things to Look Forward to If Jenny McCarthy Joins The View


Jenny McCarthy might join everyone’s (or just my) favorite show The View! Or at least, that’s what her minions want people to think so that she can edge out Brooke Shields for the hearts of Americans country-wide. As for my heart, it’s torn. On the one hand, I love Brooke Shields non-ironically. On the other hand, The View is at its best when the women on it are being totally batty and can discuss Hot Topics without feeling as though they need to be reigned in on issues like what rape is or money shots or even how bangin’ certain guests are.

With Joy Behar are leaving, McCarthy is a front-runner for a seat at this auspicious table. Here’s why she would be great.

1. There would be more discussion of why kids get autism.

We definitely don’t have enough conspiracy theories out there.

2. She’d probably reveal details about Jim Carrey and what a loon he is.

With more time in the chair, McCarthy is sure to include updates from the continued backlash of her split with Carrey and how hard it’s been on her son Evan. Plus, only she can truly weigh in on Carrey’s ongoing thoughts about gun ownership.

3. The potential for The View to turn into a dating show like MTV’s Singled Out.

Speaks for itself, this show was a classic.

4. Her hot girl glasses.

McCarthy was doing the sexy librarian thing long before Zooey Deschanel and her ilk made glasses cool.

5. Another venue for her brilliant observations besides Twitter, except this time, they’d be longer.

McCarthy’s Chicago Sun-Times advice “column” is certainly not enough.

— Jenny McCarthy (@JennyMcCarthy) June 24, 2013

6. An increase in the show’s percent of nude women to “show people that milf’s still got it going on.”

Because everyone loves naked ladies.

Though they’ll have to censor her like this a lot:

7. Continued pimping of Tria, an at-home lazer hair removal system McCarthy’s “really excited” about.

“Members of our studio audience can enjoy the at-home benefits of lazer hair removal too!”

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