This 12-Year-Old Girl Is Already President In An Alternate Universe


North Carolinian Madison Kimrey is 12 years old and already more articulate and fabulous than 95% of the members of the United States Congress. Case in point: this speech she gave on Monday in protest of the state’s idiotic new voting restrictions. And her outfit! If I wasn’t so damn impressed by her poise, I’d be insanely jealous of her ability to rock that hat.

Everyone who isn’t weirdly defensive about living in Arizona or Florida knows that Arizona and Florida are America’s Worst States. But this year North Carolina made a real push to join the ranks of America’s laughingstocks with a waterfall of new legislation designed to bring the Tar Heel state back to the imaginary 1950’s.

Enter this wundertween. Kimrey, who is a founder of NC Youth Rocks, lives in Burlington and is probably already the President of the United States of Madison Kimreymerica in a parallel universe. I want to move there.


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