This Girl Looks Remarkably Like Elsa From Frozen


Anna Faith, a teenager from Florida, looks a lot like Elsa, the lonely snow queen from Disney’s Frozen. In fact, she looks so much like Elsa that she and a pal don costumes and hire themselves out for events and visits to schools. Fans, please try not to bombard her with requests for adult birthday parties; knocking over a six-year-old while barreling for a hug is not a cute look.

As E Online points out (and there’s even more evidence on her Instagram), the likeness really is remarkable. Check that eyebrow arch:

She’s got her own fans sending in illustrations of Anna as Elsa. Plus, she does a pretty credible lip-sync:

As far as summer jobs go, it probably beats working at an ice-cream shop. Only, Anna lives in Florida and that long-sleeved polyester ensemble is going to be torturous come August. Maybe she can get a job as a tour guide on one of those Frozen-themed trips to Norway?

(h/t Cosmo)

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