This Is How You Do It

This Is How You Do It

Before you ask, yes, I would like for you to listen to Montell Jordan while reading this blog—it’s Friday morn, and I feel reborn… the AmfAR Gala is here and these models are adorned… so I reach for my 40, turn it up… designated driver take the keys to my truck… and my house so you can put this shit in my closet! At AmfAR’s annual Cannes stop, an event in which multiple celebrities debuted the first pieces from the H&M collaboration with Giambattista Valli—the couture genius of tulle and future recipient of my whole freaking paycheck—Winnie Harlow was still the best dressed in a psychedelic gown by Richard Quinn, looking like living art next to that tree sculpture.


Somebody put this shit in a gallery with the rest of the supes, because these looks are tremendous and I can only dream of serving face like Adesuwa Aighewi, a bad boho stunner in draped silk tie-dye with a little biker edge (and dreamy clogs). Cindy Bruna’s Balmain couture print ties the hues and concepts together—the composition of this photo alone is going in the Pinterest inspo board I keep in my brain (but absolutely not on Pinterest, it’s just not for me babe). Some other famous people showed up to this gala and wore things but I only have eyes for these three looks, perfectly South of France and fresh and cool and contemporary and really unexpected. Summer’s upon us and we only live for color! You gotta get your groove on before you get paid!

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