This Pink Panther Body Suit Is the Greatest Figure Skating Outfit Ever


This pink, sparkled body suit inspired by the Pink Panther is the figure skating outfit to end all figure skating outfits.

NOPE, not here to debate it because I have science and other stuff on my side. Even Elle magazine pretty much agrees with me and they are like, fashion GODS or something.

Set to the music from The Pink Panther, [German pairs figure skater] Savchenko wore a
bedazzled Panther-inspired getup and Szolkowy went for the full-on Chief
Inspector Dreyfus uniform. Aside from the fact that Savchenko went for a
literal catsuit, what we enjoy most about this is the departure from the go-to figure skating costume of leotard-plus- skirt.

How do I get my hands on one of these things? I would wear this all the time. This would be my new gardening outfit. My picking up the dry cleaning outfit. My wandering around Target at noon on a Sunday outfit. Haters. Promptly disperse to the left.

Oh yeah, and in case you are wondering, her partner Robin Szolkowy is wearing the Chief Inspector Dreyfus uniform.

Here they are, performing the routine back in 2010. BEHOLD ALL THIS PINK PERFECTION. She’s like a beautiful, bedazzled Pepto-Bismol gazelle.

Images via Getty Images.

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