This Woman Talking About Why Fat People Are Awesome Is the Best Thing


I am a fat person, and I approve this message.

I’m not sure what is happening with this lady or what her intentions are, but this video filled me with a lot of joy. Even if she’s attempting to make fun of fat people — and I honestly don’t think that’s the case — it still wouldn’t matter because it comes across as the most hilarious, bonkers, wonderful bit of weirdo awesomeness on the Internet.

Unfortunately for humanity, her website doesn’t work and neither does her Facebook page or Skype. Her last known activity is from 8 months ago when she liked the Seven Nation Army – (Auto Tunes f. Mama und Papa) video on YouTube. Will someone amongst us please shed some light on her whereabouts? I demand more Amy Beaver!

I want to float one theory: There’s a twenty-five percent chance this is Amy Bouzaglo (or at least a relative of Amy Bouzaglo). Confirm/deny, please.

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