Tiffany Haddish Was Just Turnt During Her Apparently Bad New Year's Eve Show, It's Fine

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Tiffany Haddish’s New Year’s Eve comedy set in Miami was supposedly a bomb, during which she forgot jokes, messed up other ones, and ultimately just sat down with fans and drank as other attendees headed for the exits. While she apologized onstage and was self-aware at how it was going, she now has a plausible explanation for what actually happened: Miami Happened. Miami Happens to the best of us!

TMZ caught up with her (awkwardly, in a CVS parking lot) on Wednesday and asked her what the hell happened. “I’ve worked almost every single day last year… I’ve only been home a grand total of 40 days… I’ve slept in my bed a grand total of 28 days,” she told the camera guy, graciously, as he had just rolled up to her awkwardly in a CVS parking lot. “So I get out to Miami, I wanna celebrate this prosperity, this greatness or whatever that’s been happening, and… I might’ve went a little bit overboard.”

They bantered a bit about the hard work it takes to get to where she’s at before she got into true Tiffany Haddish storytelling mode, the best Tiffany Haddish mode.

“You know what’s the best part though? The best part is like, I learned so much about myself. I learned that Miami is a really dope city, and that I probably shouldn’t turn up before work. It’s kinda like the basketball players, they show up and they get whooped on because they turned up the night before. Lesson learned!… It’s a great experience, I learned from it, I’ma try my best not to happen again. But it might!”

Unfortunately she was not asked what she did before the show, but I’m putting my money on Club Liv and bottles.


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