Tiger's Tampon Troubles: Four Sordid Details From Vanity Fair's Exposé


Speaking of cheating husbands: Mark Seal’s Vanity Fair exposé of Tiger Woods’s secret life is not online — but several sites have highlights, proving that there is, indeed, more to expose. And it involves used tampons.

The New York Post and Vanity Fair itself have both published teasers, from which we’ve excerpted the most sordid details:


Woods mistress Mindy Lawton tells VF of a 2007 encounter, “”He wanted that last piece of booty before he could go to his tournament. To make him shoot better.” She was on her period, but that was no problem for Tiger — until the tampon they discarded so they could have sex in a parking lot was purloined by the National Enquirer. The Enquirer agreed to bury the story in exchange for Woods giving an interview to sister publication Men’s Fitness — probably the only Men’s Fitness story inspired by a feminine hygiene product, but then again, who knows?

Tiger’s Dick

Writes the Post:

They met up that night and ended up having sex at his house.
She said he purred, “You have a perfect body.”
Lawton said she grabbed his penis. “Wow,” she said. “It was the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

Tiger’s Dad

One “insider” tells Seal that Earl Woods had a drinking problem — and a fashion problem. Of his appearance at an awards dinner, the source says:

Everybody was in coat and tie, and Earl’s sitting there in these little hot pants-short-shorts-and a golf shirt, and he’s got a big old vodka gimlet going and a cigarette burning, and he’s sound asleep, just hammered, shitfaced. And the announcer says, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Earl Woods!’ And he jumped up, spilled his drink all over the front of his shirt.… And he gets up there at the podium and starts talking psychobabble.

The Photos

The lady above is Loredana Jolie Fierrolo, a Woods mistress who’s currently writing a book about her experiences called Up to Par. The VF spread also includes a pic of Lawton giving a rather creepy sexyface while eating a cherry. Following on the heels of Rielle Hunter’s GQ shoot, these shots make clear that the cheesecake pic in a major magazine is now de rigueur for the Other Woman. When does Michelle McGee get her closeup?

Image via
Vanity Fair.

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