Tina Fey Thinks Ellen Will Be the First Woman to Rule Late Night


Last night, Tina Fey appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and the pair of old SNL chums talked Amy Poehler, Fey’s adorable daughter’s foray into youth baseball, and the ubiquitous topic of Women In Comedy.

Fey, as a Woman In Comedy, is endlessly asked about Women In Comedy. Are they comedying hard enough? Can they comedy as well as The Men? Do they even comedy? And, as usual, Fey’s insight was much more amusing than most.

In the above clip, Meyers asks Fey what she thinks about all of the late night TV jockeying that’s been going on lately, and whether she sees a woman rising to the top of late night TV anytime soon. Fey answered that she thinks that the next queen of Late Night will be Ellen, but (and sorry to Upworthy you this early in the morning) not for reasons you might think:

I realized that I have a theory about how women are going to break through in late night. Because I realized that a lot of times these hosts get their jobs when they’re like 35 or 40 and they keep them until they’re 65. So, like, if you’re a lady, what do you wear? Right? Because if you go in with like a cocktail dress and then you’re 45, then you’re 50. Then there’s going to come a day when you’re like, I don’t got it. Bring me the jacket. That’s why I think Ellen is going to be the first person to break through. Because she’s already wearing jackets.

Jacket your way to the top, ladies!

Apropos of nothing, Tina Fey’s ponytail game has never been stronger.

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