Today In Ridiculous Responses To Miss USA Rima Fakih


Hezbollah. Alexis de Tocqueville. Poledancing. What do they have in common? They have all been invoked to discuss Miss USA Rima Fakih. Donald Trump, you PR genius.

Let’s be clear here: Debbie Schlussel has all the Hezbollah-citing hysterics beat on the fearmongering front. She was running graphics like the one above and touting Sukih’s alleged relatives’ alleged ties to Hezbollah back on May 13. Must credit Schlussel!

How inconvenient that when Hezbollah official Hassan Fadlallah was interviewed by Lebanese television about the crown, he was unenthusiastic, saying, “The criteria through which we evaluate women are different from those of the west.” They do that to trick you.

Meanwhile, Fox News hasn’t given up on the “poor white Miss Oklahoma” angle, resolutely refusing to acknowledge neither the fact that the questions are randomized nor ñ in judge Oscar Nuñez’s name.

“Even though recent polls indicate that the majority of Americans agree with 21-year-old Woolard’s thoughts on the issue, it turns out her response may have cost her the crown,”’s entertainment column breathlessly reported Investigative reporting! Rima actually placed the lowest in the swimsuit competition!

After the swimsuit section, Michigan actually placed lowest of the top 10 (she was given an 8.325 while Oklahoma was at 9.098) and in the proceeding evening gown section Michigan scored 8.845 and Oklahoma 9.188. Those combined scores averaged, Oklahoma stood at 9.143 and Michigan was at the bottom of the top five with 8.585. At that point the front-runner was Miss Colorado, Jessica Hartman, who won in both categories with an average of 9.248 but ended up in fourth position after stumbling while answering Johnny Weir’s question of government regulation and the Internet.

Yes, that’s right. Johnny Weir has some thoughts about net neutrality. Fox News also dug up a “Hollywood publicist” to complain more openly about the liberal entertainment industry and its preference for brown people:

“After seeing all the gaffes Miss Michigan made, tripping on her dress and not answering her question consistently, I absolutely think Miss Oklahoma’s answer cost her the crown – it wasn’t what the judges from the liberal entertainment industry wanted to hear,” said Hollywood publicist Angie Meyer, who has worked closely with Miss USA contestants and the organization in past years. “It’s almost like the contestants are baited and set up to construct a left-of-center response and if they don’t, they lose out. To be asked that question by a Hispanic man (Oscar Nunez) is unfair and puts the girls in a very awkward position, a lot of girls might have been too intimidated to speak their mind. The pageant has become very one-sided.”

It really has. Just look at this photo that ran with another Fox News story, an “opinion” column.

These all-American beauties are valiantly trying to keep a brave face in the midst of minority repression. Their own, obviously.

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