Toddler Overcome With Joy by "Let it Go" Busts Out Awesome Dance Moves


This adorable little boy is probably the world’s biggest Frozen fan and he is not afraid to show his love for the movie’s signature song.

The dance moves this toddler busts out for “Let It Go” are better than most of the moves on So You Think You Can Dance. This kid is a star. Back up, get out of the way and let your soul be filled with the power of his dancing job. I especially love how he randomly gets distracted by other toys he tries to bring into his Frozen musical number and also how absolutely DISTRAUGHT he is when the music stops. Yes, proud dancing baby, never ever let the music stop! I guess we know why this song will never, ever go away: because there is never going to be a shortage of toddlers who have never heard it before and freak out with joy when they do.

H/t Tastefully Offensive.

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