Tumblr Refuses to Take Down Ilegal Public Restroom Photos


Former police officer David Cerna was recently arrested for placing a hidden camera in a Mobile gas station bathroom in Chesterfield, Missouri, and then posting the videos on a porn site. Now, after the site has been taken down, stills remain searchable on Tumblr. Yet Tumblr refuses to take down the photos—what gives?

Apparently, Tumblr is loathe to honor potential victims’ requests, until they can prove that they are indeed the people in those stills. There’s more believe on the frustrating process, as described by one such victim to Fox KTVI’s Chris Hayes in St. Louis:

I talked to one man who thinks he may be a victim, but has no way to be sure. He told me, ‘In the time frame (the suspect`s) been doing this, I was in that bathroom. I know for a fact, because I used it a few times a week, at least. Then when I saw on the news when you broke the investigation I was just in complete awe. I can understand how people would feel violated. This isn`t consensual.’
Tumblr`s explanation? The site responded to the concerned citizen, stating ‘…we need to hear directly from someone who is being featured…’ Tumblr and its parent company Yahoo won`t even respond to FOX 2.

The story has been picked up by the Daily Dot, who weren’t able to find the photos due to limited search functionality for, um, creepshots. Whether readily searchable or not, though, their presence on the site is still disturbing. To Tumblr: How about taking down the photos because they’re clearly a violation of people’s privacy? Why do you have to hear from someone who can prove they’re in the photos? What does the social media site have to lose?

According to Hayes, people are also asking questions like this on twitter, using hashtags like #hiddencamera.

Image via KTVI.

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