Two Icons Chat Sit in Adirondack Chairs and Talk About About Voting

Two Icons Chat Sit in Adirondack Chairs and Talk About About Voting

Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem sat down on a pair of Adirondack chairs in Meghan’s Santa Barbara backyard and shot the shit about the importance of voting, and why Steinem is somehow still hopeful for the future in the face of our burning, racist planet. It’s nice to hear someone express optimism when it feels like the world is melting! Maybe it’s that fresh California air, which Meghan acknowledged she’s thrilled to be back in. (Probably not though.)

“I do feel hopeful,” Gloria said, in response to Meghan’s question, “Do you feel hopeful?” Tell me your secret, Gloria!

“We still require an adjective, if you know what I mean,” she said. “There are ‘doctors’ and ‘women doctors’ and ‘Black women doctors’ and ‘Hispanic doctors’ … the noun still tends to be confined to the ruling group. But we’ll get past that.” I want her confidence! Is optimism actually the key to having glowing skin into your 86th year?! It must be.

While Meghan gives voice to the very valid concerns that many of us feel, Steinem emphasizes the importance of fighting, and continuing to incrementally move the needle forward. She recalls standing in lines in Florida, encouraging people. “But the result of that realization was that in the next voting opportunity people were saying, ‘I’ll take your kids. I’ll drive you to the polls. We’ll move the polls closer to your neighborhood.’ It really is one step at a time.”

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