Two New Bill Cosby Accusers Say He Drugged and Raped Them


Former models Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin say that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them in 1969 and 1989, respectively. On Thursday, the pair came forward during a press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred, who’s also representing a number of other accusers.

Lublin says she met Cosby in Las Vegas in 1989 in a hotel where she offered to help her with her acting, according to USA Today. He gave her a drink to relax and says she fell into a “stupor.” All she recalls is the comedian “wrapping himself around her and stroking her hair” until she passed out.

“I trusted him because of who he was, and how well he was respected around the world,” she said. “The taste was horrible and unfamiliar to me because I was not a drinker.”

When she awoke, she was at home though she had no idea how she got there or how her car made it into her driveway.

Brown says she was 21 when she says met Cosby in a restaurant in Toronto. He invited her to his room, where he said he had a gift for her. Once inside, he gave her a drink and after one sip, Brown says she passed out and woke up naked in a bed with Cosby where she says he’d raped her.

“I felt like a rag doll and like a real-life blow-up doll for him” she said. “I felt dirty, ashamed and embarrassed,” and fooled into believing that Cosby was “nice, trustworthy and honorable.”
“I want people to know who Mr. Cosby really is: He has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality and if you trust him then he has fooled you as well,” she said.

During the press conference held in Los Angeles, Allred promised to continue to “hound” Cosby.

“Mr. Cosby thinks that this will soon be over and that no more women will come forward,” Allred said. “He is very wrong. I still have many women who have not yet come forward but who are willing to do so in the future.”

Lublin added that she will push Nevada leaders to repeal the statute of limitations for sexual assault in the state.

“Bill Cosby appears to think that rape is a joke,” she said. “Let me tell you something, Bill, I’m not laughing.”

The two basketball teams worth of women who claim they’ve been abused by Cosby continues to grow and Cosby continues to cancel performance dates.

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