Tyra Lets ANTM Contestant Know That She Hates Her


On last night’s episode, Tyra was very put off by the behavior of one girl, Britanni, who had confronted another girl, Alexandria, on the set of a photo shoot, telling her she didn’t deserve to win and that she is hated. This was all done on Britanni’s part in the interest of being “not fake,” however her comments were overheard by both the client and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. When Tyra chastised Britanni for her actions during panel, the girl had a panic attack. Later, during judging—the realness of which was conveyed with the uncommon, gritty choice of a hand-held camera—Tyra went to great lengths to establish that she wanted Britanni to go home, saying, “Just as ugly as fake is saying whatever is on your mind because it’s the truth.” Later, Tyra did exactly that when she handed Britanni her photo, telling her that she really didn’t want her to stay but had been out voted.

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