Unauthorized Ford Ads Show Berlusconi And Bound, Gagged 'Bunga-Bunga' Girls


Ooookay. You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

Who is Silvio Berlusconi?
Where have you been? He’s the 76-year-old former Italian Prime Minister who recently became engaged to his totally age-appropriate twenty-seven year old girlfriend. (Sorry, ladies.) He’s also totally corrupt. He has most recently been known for hosting “bunga-bunga” parties with “bunga-bunga girls.”

What the fuck is a ‘bunga-bunga’?
It’s basically a hedonistic sex party with a bunch of (possibly underage) women. And also, according to Berlusconi, basically all women are bunga-bunga women “by nature.” Did you know that? As in: you, me, Barbara Walters, your sixth grade teacher, like everyone.

Where is this ad from?
India. Also, the copy reads: “Leave your worries behind.”

Did Ford actually approve this shit?
No, but they knew that they were out there. An agency called JWT out of New Delhi created the ads, according to BuzzFeed, and posted it to the website Ads of The World without getting approval from Ford.

WPP Group, under which JWT operates, has released a statement of apology on Business Insider:

“We deeply regret the publishing of posters that were distasteful and contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within WPP Group. These were never intended for paid publication and should never have been created, let alone uploaded to the internet.”

As well as Ford itself:

“We deeply regret this incident and agree with our agency partners that it should have never happened. The posters are contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within Ford and our agency partners. Together with our partners, we are reviewing approval and oversight processes to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

I’ve never even driven a Ford Figo, have you?
No, I never heard of it. But nothing sells a mediocre car like intimating that you’ll be able to fit three crying, bound, gagged women in the back, right?

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