Unbelievably Grotesque Clothes At Milan's "Beauty In Vogue" Party

How can some of the world’s chicest ladies – Scarlett, Freida, Eva, Kate, Anna – look so uniformly awful? I mean, I know it’s Milan Fashion Week, but this isn’t conceptual…it’s nightmarish.

The Good:

Love Victoria Cabello’s structured, chic coat.

No one does Lauren Hutton better than Lauren Hutton. Someone has to say it: “classic American.”

Naomi Watts’ jaunty menswear has enough twist to keep it fresh and a little odd.

Elsa Pataky does mini – and metallic – right!

The Bad:

I agree that Scarlett rocks retro shapes. But these lace inserts? Gag me with a spoon, plz.

Yes, Freida Pinto is the most gorgeous woman in the world. Which is why I wish she wasn’t wearing this unworthy babydoll.

Um. Why is Kate Hudson dressed like Lady Marmalade?

Igor – sorry, Anna Wintour’s – pixel frock is seriously unflattering. And not in a “fashion” way.

Eva Mendes: another gorgeous woman in a seriously unflattering frock.

Eva Herzigova apparently let a nursery school class decorate her dress.

The Ugly:

The joke will totally be on me if by this time next year Miuccia Prada has everyone dressed like gladiator maids.

[Images via Getty]

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