University of Texas Says Women's Clothing 'Distracts' From Learning


A reader spotted this sign up at the University of Texas School of Nursing in Austin.

Our reader said the signs popped up this week. “Revealing clothing MUST NOT be worn while in the School of Nursing Building. It distracts from the learning environment.”

“It distracts from the learning environment.” Oh, OK. For a second there I thought we were only teaching young girls in elementary, middle and high school that their bodies are nothing but shameful sin receptacles which must be covered up and hidden at all times from men who absolutely cannot control themselves at the slightest hint of a woman’s skin. Good to see that this outdated sexist bullshit is being instilled in college students in a professional training program, too!

Here are the things you cannot wear, if you want to learn to be a nurse at the University of Texas.

  • Midriff-baring shirts
  • Short-shorts
  • Low-rise pants
  • Low-cut shirts that reveal cleavage [OMG NOT THE CLEAVAGE! ANYTHING BUT THE CLEAVAGE!]

Pretty sure this is just directed at the female students. I doubt anyone is complaining about seeing too much cleavage on a man. It’s Texas. It’s summer. It’s so freaking hot here (YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA). We’re about to hit triple-digit temperatures and quite possibly stay that way for most of the season. Of course it’s more comfortable to wear shorter skirts and shorts. If the men in your school or department take issue with that because they can’t handle perfectly normal and natural parts of a woman’s body, take it up with them, not the female students on your campus. Perhaps instead of wasting your time posting these shitty signs everywhere, you need to offer them some education on how women are not responsible for their reactions.

Remember, ladies! If you want to study to be a nurse at the University of Texas, you can’t show too much of your midriff and thigh! Because if your patient sees too much of your “distracting” skin, he or she might forget to stop dying while you’re trying to treat them or something.

Not cool, University of Texas. This is not how Longhorns roll. Not by a long shot.

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