Unpacking the Great Justin Bieber Vs. JoJo Siwa Instagram Crisis of 2018


Hotel slipper magnate Justin Bieber caused a bit of a ruckus on Sunday when he left a cheeky comment on 15-year-old former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa’s Instagram photo. What did he say? Why did he do it? Who are these people? Why do we care? Let’s dig in.

WHO: Justin Bieber is a former child singer who is now an adult singer and the subject of a widespread sideways-burrito-eating hoax. He likes his wife Hailey, Canada, and Jesus. JoJo Siwa is a dancer and YouTube personality. She likes hip-hop, glitter, rainbows, and resplendent outfits that remind me of my Lisa Frank day-planner.

WHAT: According to E! News, on December 22, Siwa posted a photo on Instagram of the new car her parents gave her for Christmas. The car, for curious parties, is a rainbow-and-glitter-adorned BMW convertible with her face on it. As one does.

Here is the Instagram:

Unfortunately, Bieber—a car enthusiast himself—did not care for Siwa’s beloved present. “Burn it,” he commented. Three times.

Burn it.



(SMALL UPDATE: to clarify, the car company that detailed her car regrammed the photo, and he commented on the regram. IT IS VERY COMPLICATED.)

WHY: Bieber’s comment(s) were, obviously, devastating. “@justinbieber [crying laughing emoji] burn your own things,” Siwa’s mother, literal Dance Mom Jessalyn Siwa, commented. Fans were outraged. Pandemonium ensued.

But Bieber, never one to let a social media battle get out of hand, explained on Twitter that he hadn’t meant to slight Siwa. He just hated her car. HATED. Violently. Or so I assume.

It seems Siwa has moved on.

Anyway, all is well, except for the car, which is hideous.

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