Unspouse My House Is a Show About Getting Rid of Your Ex's Ugly Shit

Unspouse My House Is a Show About Getting Rid of Your Ex's Ugly Shit
Screenshot: (Orlando Soria Instagram )

Much more satisfying than the always ill-advised breakup bangs is the breakup home renovation, where one gets rid of all their fugly relationship compromise junk and replaces it with new, better stuff.

Unspouse My House is a show dedicated to the genuine catharsis of the proverbial box to the left, and I could not be more excited to watch people drink rosé and get the house they wanted before an ex convinced them that a black pleather couch was easier to clean.

Orlando Soria got the idea for the show after getting dumped and having to move back home with his parents in his mid-30s, according to People, and promises Unspouse My House will be like if Revenge Body was interesting:

“‘It’s kind of like Revenge Body for the home,’” he tells PEOPLE. In each episode, the L.A.-based talent will make over the home of a client who has had a relationship end — whether it’s a recent split or a long-ago divorce that has left them in a rut — giving them a fresh start and a de facto therapy session in the process.”

I also suspect single people don’t shiplap, which makes this all the more thrilling. To divorce, indeed!

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