Unusually Buff Kangaroo Moves Into Australian Neighborhood


A kangaroo with unusually large muscles has recently taken up residence in a Brisbane suburb, prompting locals to ask, “Who’s this new stud in town?” The kangaroo is like, “Bro, do you even lift?” Resident Linda Hellyar almost ran into the animal when she was out walking her dogs one day. “He’s very intimidating. He’s a big boy,” she said. “He’s got massive, massive muscles, big pecs and everything.”

The marsupial has been spotted at nearby golf courses, playgrounds and walking paths, according to Reuters. While sightings of small kangaroos are nothing out of the ordinary in the neighborhood, this one is definitely unique.

The World Animal Foundation states that kangaroos can stand between five and six feet tall. This one is estimated to be around 2 meters, or 6-foot-5 ,which is—you guessed it—the same height as The Rock. The ripped ‘roo also has a distinguishing tear in his left ear. He’s clearly got some stories to tell.

Screenshot image via YouTube.

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