Versace Throws A Glam Rave


For Fall 2010, Donatella wants you to get ouuuut… and go dancing to Italo Disco. Acid bright gowns for the bold, chain-smoking, male model-collecting diva in you, after the jump.

You can tell she goes to a party school.

The bag is a dead giveaway. (Also: I want it!)

White-hot, swingy and sultry.

The demure version.

You don’t know where she is going, you just know she’s going to have fun when she gets there.

When “Making An Entrance” is listed as one of your hobbies.

We’ll be seeing this at a future music award ceremony.

A good choice for Rihanna?

Thigh and mighty.

Clear some room: Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé will be fighting over this.

When “Making A Dramatic Exit” is one of your hobbies.

Did you hear about Frazzle from Sesame Street? So Sad. He was so articulate. Thanks for the memories!

[Images via Getty.]

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