Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed, Week 19

Visiting The Big Bang Theory on Its Deathbed, Week 19

The Big Bang Theory is a CBS sitcom about a group of geeky adults that has run for 12 staggeringly long years. In that time period, it has attracted critical ire, many Emmys, and earned its stars million-dollar salaries. But now this show is dying and I, a pop culture critic with a heart made of onyx who has never even seen a single episode, have decided to watch the program weekly to pay my respects—and also roast it to death one last time.

Season 12, Episode 20: The Decision Reverberation

Summary: After the whole gang can’t figure out when to see the new Avengers movie, Leonard realizes that all he never advocates for what he wants, only settling for what satisfies others. He embarks on a new journey to ask for what he wants, which includes coming home from work and telling Penny he immediately wants to have sex and watch Star Trek (the depth this man has is astounding!) Eventually, Leonard’s journey turns to pure selfishness, as he decides to demand a job at Caltech and says he’ll quit if he doesn’t get it. Penny is freaking out, but while Leonard doesn’t get his dream job, he does get a cool-sounding promotion that I don’t understand.

Elsewhere, after Raj publishes a paper in which he sort of, kind of, implies that flashes of light he discovered could potentially be alien-made, a lecture he’s doing at the planetarium is overtaken by people who want to ask him about aliens. Suddenly, Raj becomes the joke of Caltech, all because he bravely pointed out that aliens are real (they are real) and they’re coming to kill us (okay, he didn’t say that, but this show would be more interesting if he did!) Raj ends up giving a smart lecture to smooth things over, telling the audience it’d be arrogant to assume humans are the only ones in the universe. Seriously, he doesn’t need to tell me twice. Is now a good time to remind everyone of the alien alloys?


Worst joke: During his job at the planetarium, Raj says during a lecture, “And with apologies to Lady Gaga, that’s how a star is born.”

Nerdiest moment: Sheldon loves to imagine if “Hulk were made of other things,” including sponge, metal, broccoli, etc., and then he lectures Amy about these new Hulks. That poor woman.

What I learned this week: That Bernadette is a freak. When she wants to see the new Avengers movie in 3D because “If I’m gonna see Thor I wanna feel like I can lick those abs.”

Did I laugh?: No.

How dead is this show?: Almost dead. Almost.

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