Walt Jr. Is Now Making Nightclub Appearances


Looks like Walt Jr. is officially over breakfast. In the wake of the Breaking Bad finale, R.J. Mitte — the actor who played Flynn, a.k.a the most irritating, mom-hating son a meth cook could ever ask for — is making nightclub appearances.

What are you doing, R.J?! You’re coming off of one of the hottest shows on television and you’re making money by showing up at nightclubs? You need to strike while the iron’s hot! Reach out and ask Vince Gilligan for your own spin-off about Flynn going off to college or something! ANYTHING.

That said, if you want to see Walt Jr. in the club, he will be appearing at McHebes in Hempstead, New York later this evening.

(Via McHebes Facebook/ht Veronica de Souza)

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