Wanda Sykes Talks Weddings, Civil Rights With Craig Ferguson


Wanda Sykes was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night discussing her recent marriage in a bittersweet segment about same-sex marriage.

Wanda was her usual witty self, cracking jokes and asking the newly-hitched Craig “are they trying to overturn your marriage?” as a way of transitioning into a brief discussion of same-sex marriage. Craig replies that “just to be safe, I got married in Vermont… I married someone from the other side,” to which Wanda says: “Ohh, you went old school.” Wanda, who got married in California, wonders why people don’t focus on breaking up their own marriages rather than threatening hers. She points out that gay marriage could potentially solve our economic crisis by pouring much-needed dollars into the wedding industry: “especially with men, we’re talking like millions of dollars in ice sculptures alone!” Clip above.

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