Was This Trans Woman "Outed" By Her Real World Roommate?

On The Real World reunion special, Katelynn was angry because she said that JD outed her to their other roommates by confirming for them what they already suspected: That she was a post-op transexual.

JD insists that he didn’t really out her because everyone pretty much knew from the moment that they met her. But she still harbors a resentment toward him. She’s entitled to feel the way she feels, but what’s ridiculous is that she feels like her story “wasn’t told.” I feel like I know everything about that girl’s surgery and transition, from when she first started wearing skirts, to where in Thailand she went for her operation, how much it cost, her dating life, how stripping makes her feel sexy, why she likes to walk around in panties, what working at the LGBT center meant to her, and what “dilation” involves. The only part of her story not included was her shoe size and whether or not she looks in the toilet bowl after she poops. Seriously.

In other news, Devyn is still trying to be a singer. Press play if you dare hear her voice.

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