Watch a Family Dollar Employee Get Into a Febreze Fight With Thieves


Well, this is an unfortunate incident. Last week, Gavyn Edlinger became a little bit famous on the internet when a video of him Febreezing two women who had shoplifted from a Family Dollar surfaced on-line. He’s since been fired, and the thieves have apologized, but the video will live on in infamy.

In the short film (can we call YouTube videos films? Can we enter them into international film competitions?), Edlinger is seen confronting two women who have stolen from the store and called another employee (older than they are) names in front of their kids. After taking the Febreze back from the women, Edlinger gets into a verbal altercation with them (one of the women calls him a faggot) which ends with him spraying the freshening solution at them. One woman unconvincingly claims that the spray got in her eyes (her acting is really the best part of the whole thing), but then quickly gets back in the car, completely fine. (Because it didn’t get into her eye.)(Also: I have Febreze fights at my home all the time. Does anyone else do this?)

Edlinger is remorseful that this was caught on film but, according to TMZ he has decided to own the video.

h/t: Your Slow News Day

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