Watch a Penis Shrink and Fade in Finland's Anti-Smoking Campaign


The Cancer society of Finland has devised a fun slash sick way of showing the effects smoking has on the human body, using flaxen-haired models and a photo slider for “before” and “after” examples.

The folks over at Street Anatomy posted about the online visualizer, where users click the male or female model, then use the slider to split the body in two and see a smoker versus a non-smoker. You can click the categories on the side to focus on certain body parts like hair, acne, lungs and weight gain. Just one slide on the woman’s face turns her into a hellish she-demon from a horror movie:

But even more disturbing is the smoker penis versus the non-smoker penis. Slide the image across and watch it turn faded, shrunken and shriveled!

[Tobacco Body via Street Anatomy]

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