Watch Hello Kitty Do Eminem's "Rap God"


I think we just broke the Internet. For real this time.

In this GODLIKE video, Hello Kitty not only destroys the version of “Rap God” Eminem busted out earlier this year, HK also just lays into Team Dog. No dog has been spared. Hello Kitty always knew “Snoop Dogg” was really “Snoop Lion.” Oh, the shade.

“A man gives you food, takes you for walks and picks up your poo. You look up with your big brown eyes and worship your master. As for me, I see someone cleaning my crap, giving me food, water and shelter, I can only conclude, they are no master. No sir. I’m the one being worshipped here.”

That is some next level shit right there.

The battle between Team Cat and Team Dog just went to some next level shit. Team Dog—your move.


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