Watch Kris Humphries' By-The-Book Proposal To Kim Kardashian


Candles. Roses. “Will You Marry Me?” spelled out with flower petals. A $2 million diamond. Did you honestly expect the engagement between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to happen any other way?

The clip above is presented as it aired in full on E!, without any editing, in case you were wondering if we had added the dramatic Lost-style music as Kris was down on one knee for comedic effect. Or, for that matter, the many times Kim says “Oh my god” while staring at the giant rock on her finger. Oh, and how about the fact that the entire Kardashian Klan doesn’t really believe the two are engaged when they first make their announcement? Even the family doesn’t know what’s real and what’s “reality” anymore!

But nothing can trump Lamar Odom’s sage words of advice to Kris about how to help plan a Kardashian wedding: “You probably don’t have to worry about anything, man. Just show up.” Nice.

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