Watch Miley Cyrus Do A Bong Hit

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  • Would you like to see Miley Cyrus take a bong hit and then start laughing really hard? You’re in luck!

In cell phone video obtained by TMZ, Miley takes a hit of salvia — a plant with psychoactive properties that’s legal to possess in California. Below, Miley inhales like it’s not her first time. In the longer clip at the link, America’s sweetheart does a hell of a lot of throaty giggling. She’s 18 and it’s legal, but since she’s a kid-friendly Disney product the world loves it when she does something almost scandalous. We put our girls on a pedestal and then delight in watching them fall. [TMZ]

  • Ouch: Kelly Osbourne is about to have surgery on both of her feet. “[Doctors] have to break bones in my feet and reset them,” she explains. “I’ve put it off because I’ve not been ready to not walk for a month.” Ice cream and Veronica Mars on Netflix. You’ll be fine. [Us Magazine]
  • Britney Spears left her lawyer’s office in tears yesterday — maybe she was upset about the abuse report in Star magazine? Anyway, she cheered herself up by going to the mall. Retail therapy! [The Sun]
  • Josh Duhamel on being kicked off of a plane for ignoring a flight attendant’s request to turn off his BlackBerry: “I messed up, and I feel like an idiot because of it.” [ET]
  • Here’s a peek at Lionel Richie‘s house, as it gets big canopies and tents in preparation for Nicole Richie‘s wedding. Does this mean that a helicopter has been hovering over the mansion? Yes. [Pop Eater
  • David Hasselhoff‘s reality show has been cancelled after two episodes. Hayley Hasselhoff is gorgeous and I loved her on Huge. That’s all I’ve got. [DListed]
  • Good news! Javier Bardem would like to be on Glee! Bad news: He can’t sing. But he says: “I told [creator] Ryan Murphy several times I want to play this heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll star, but I don’t think he has the guts to do it… because I sing really bad. I think that’s the whole point.” [Contact Muisc]
  • Hey, James Franco, let’s talk about that time you watched a male prostitute have sex! [Pop Eater]
  • As part of his neverending quest to be the most bizarre and enigmatic heartthrob ever, James Franco will return to General Hospital. [Star Pulse]
  • Ashton Kutcher doesn’t want his name associated with Brittney Jones‘s sex tape — and Brittney Jones doesn’t even want the sex tape to be released. [WonderWall]
  • Kelsey Grammer and his new ladyfriend make out in public and grope each other, and admit that they do not watch Kelsey’s ex-wife Camille on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. [Page Six]
  • Would you like to know what Kate Gosselin‘s new $2,000 haircut looks like? [INF]
  • Take the pins out of your voodoo doll: Neve Campbell is not, repeat, not dating Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice man your man could smell like. She calls it an “odd rumor.” [Contact Music]
  • A listening party for the new Michael Jackson album will happen on Monday. [Page Six]
  • Lisa Ling says she had a miscarriage six months ago, which left her feeling like “a complete failure.” [People]
  • Whoa: Debbie Harry was almost murdered by Ted Bundy?! [The Sun]
  • Becki Newton, aka Ugly Betty‘s Amanda, has given birth to a son. [Us Magazine]
  • Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers was busted for heroin, but she’s not going to jail… she was sentenced to one year in a drug treatment program. [TMZ]
  • Blind item! “If anyone’s been wondering why the very funny Coco Crack-Head, who used to have a most natural figure, has recently become bone-thin, we have a pretty good clue as to why: The bitch is doing blow in public and not even being cool about it! Like, at all. Coco, who genuinely does have a kind of goofy talent on her popular prime-time show, was recently out to dinner with her sister and friends. Over at Oak Fire Pizza in West Hollywood. Everybody was having pizza and beer, but, not our Coco-she was guzzling a martini and generally making a fool of herself while gushing nonsense about her ‘beautiful’ sister. Fellow diners thought the poor babe was just drunk until one of them followed Coco to the restroom… Guess what Coco had left all over the toilet-paper dispenser? And, no, it wasn’t remains of her dinner, which she’d just brought back up (though that’s not a bad guess). Coco had actually left behind the remnants of all the coke she’d just chopped up and snorted! For any one to see! [E!]
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