Watch Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Giggle and Talk About Hashtags


Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen recently did a press interview for X-Men together and the result is, as usual, a complete and utter delight. While the interview is fairly serious (the two discuss why the X-Men appeals to minorities as well as the current response to homosexuality in the UK), Professor Xavier and Magneto also spend some time coming up with hashtags for their bromance, giggling at bathroom jokes, and discussing their feelings about old age.

The duo’s discussion of how they view growing older (they know they don’t know everything and that makes them wiser; they have an urgency to enjoy life) is much more poignant and successful than their attempt at creating phrases that will trend on Twitter. #Aren’t we lucky, Patrick Stewart? Come on, dude! You know hashtags don’t have spaces! At least put an underscore in there!

Image via Getty

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