Watch Some High School Boys Totally Lose It During an Epic Rap Battle

Yes, someone did throw a crutch. Yes, those reactions are unbelievable.

I don’t know who these kids are, but I’m surprised this entire school doesn’t yet have its own reality show and/or isn’t hired on a per-event basis to just show up and cheer or follow someone around and react to their every moment. Because this is amazing. Not the raps themselves (which are of the “I fucked your mom hard” variety) but because the reactions are just so unbelievable. Like, how do they even have so much energy? I could barely walk home after a full day of school and these guys are just killing it at the yelling and throwing shit game.

Ugh, teenage dudes: First, watch this video so you stop disrespecting women and each other’s mothers. Second, keep cheering you glorious monsters.

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