Watch These Therapy Alpacas Keep Elderly Folks Company


Yeah, you read that right. Therapy. Alpacas.

The video is in German, and there are no English subtitles, but we all speak the language of squee, right? Also, there is a translation in the YouTube description of the video. Basically, there is a nursing home in Germany that has its own alpaca enclosure! And the alpacas go chill out with the residents of the nursing home, ride elevators, and be generally adorable. From the description:

Frau Hormann, Elderly home manager (German): “I saw an alpaca in an animal show on TV, and I was totally excited, so I did some more research about it and found out that they are often used as therapy animals, as they are very emphatic, as empathetic as dolphins. They are very good in adjusting themselves to humans and react very sensitively.”


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