Watch Will Ferrell and Billy Eichner Terrorize Strangers With Christmas Trivia


In the true spirit of Jesus Christ’s favorite capitalist holiday, Billy Eichner and Will Ferrell ran the streets of New York City wearing onesies while attacking strangers with trivia questions about Christmas movies. Like, “Who’s the one American actress in Love Actually?”

The answer is Laura Linney.

While many of the pedestrians register fear and confusion when bum-rushed, others barely recognize that it’s Ferrell, a.k.a Elf, who’s terrorizing them. “I’m right here!” he screams. Eichner is his usual half-affable, half-offensive self, in this clip from tonight’s episode of Billy on the Street.

Billy: Miss, for a dollar, which is better: gold, frankincense or myrrh?

Will: It’s so obvious.

Billy: Which is better: gold, frankincense or myrrh??!

Woman: Um… gold?

Billy: No, it’s myrrh! It’s myrrh!

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