We Asked Ben Affleck What He Looks for When Buying a New House

We Asked Ben Affleck What He Looks for When Buying a New House

Recently, Ben Affleck and photo-friendly girlfriend Ana de Armas have been taking fewer walks down Paparazzi Lane, probably because they’re a bit too busy checking out some Los Angeles real estate! Some enterprising Backgrid photographers were “lucky” enough to catch them outside one such property on July 3. A quick scroll through Zillow reveals the average Venice property goes for anywhere between $2 million and $10 million. Considering the gate on this particular home looked extra fancy, I’m comfortable guessing its closer to the latter range. Anyway, curious what Ben Affleck is looking for in a home, and if he’s looking with “girlfriend” Ana de Armas, I reached out to his ever-helpful publicist Brooke for answers:

Hi Brooke! Hope the week is treating you well.
I have another question for Ben. I see he’s been looking around at some for sale real estate in Venice, from photographs, and checking the addresses in the MLS. I was wondering: What are the three most important things Ben looks for in a home? Privacy, multiple bedrooms, a big backyard, marble countertops, a gated entrance maybe? A playroom for the kids? Also, are he and Ana looking together, or is this just for him?
Thanks so much for satiating my curiousity, as always!

She was quick to respond:

Hi Joan
You as well. Could you tell me a bit more about your piece and timing?

And so I told her a bit more:

Nice to hear from you, Brooke! Saw that Ben was looking at property with Ana de Armas. I’m interested in hearing Ben’s thoughts in particular about what he looks for in a home. It goes up at 10 am EST. Thanks!

She has yet to respond. But that won’t stop me from speculating! What jumps out at me, immediately, from scrolling Ben’s recent paparazzi run-ins, is that his outings with Ana de Armas have decreased significantly. Perhaps their feet are sore! She does have a habit of strutting around in some very un-walk-able-in flats. Or maybe real estate shopping has them all tied up. If anything, their last significant paparazzi sighting, at a for-sale house, opens the window to all sorts of new and exciting tabloid ventures. Like rampant speculation that they’re purchasing a home together or that he’s going to propose. It does add some welcome variety to the now-stale PR maneuver of their once-daily walks.

Perhaps Ben and Ana also recognize how shopping for multi-million dollar mansions might be perceived by the average person, and as such, have drawn back their “tip-offs” to paparazzi. Or, Ben would rather take this time to really find what he’s looking for. Personally, I feel like Ben is the sort of guy who wants a nice solid countertop, with lots of room to put all those soon-to-be discarded Dunkin Donuts cups. He also needs a bathtub, and a spacious backyard for his zen meditations or grilling sessions, when Jen and the kids drop by. Oh! And of course, he needs multiple bedrooms. He has teens now! No way are those millionaires-to-be sharing a bedroom.

Until his very helpful publicist Brooke gets back to me, I have plenty of questions but few answers. But know that no matter what, I will never stop in my pursuit of truth and enlightenment. If she gets back to me, this post will be updated accordingly!

This has been Hey Ben.

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