We Just Might Watch MTV's New Scripted Series Awkward


Between the network’s practically explicit refusal to air music videos, the success of Jersey Shore, and the seemingly-endless combinations of shows about pregnant teen mothers, we were surprised to hear about a new scripted coming-of-age series from MTV that we think may be worth watching.

Awkward feels like the “teenage underdog” story MTV attempted to create with The Hard Times of RJ Berger; alas, that attempt ended up feeling like a painful reminder of little more than how horny teenage boys are horny. With so many Teen Mom shows airing on the network, where’s a girl to look for inspiration about their own, simple life? Even though it’s off the air, it’s not like The Hills fit the bill, and it’s been ages since we’ve had a kindred-spirit like Daria to watch on the network. Which is why we’re so excited for Awkward‘s promising heroine, Jenna.

The show’s creator, Lauren Iungerich, sums up the show’s message as such:

“It’s a show about how you can’t control the things that happen to you but you an control how you feel about them. This accident that happens to Jenna, she can either see it as the curse of her life or the blessing of her life, and she chooses make it the blessing of her life, even though it rears its head as a curse along the way.”

The feel-good teen comedy will premiere on July 19th at 11PM — a late enough time slot that will allow for enough swearing such that us olds can momentarily forget we’re indulging in a series meant for teens.

[Pop Candy via MTV]

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