We Preferred This Red-Carpet Snuggie To Jessica Alba's Dress


The odds of our seeing “Little Fockers“? Slim to none, unless we’re spectacularly unlucky with in-flights. The chances of gawking at some of the bizarre red-carpet choices? 100%!

Yesterday, I accused Natalie Gal of sexyface overload. But I’m starting to think the girl can’t help it, Jayne Mansfield-style!

Looking at Colin Baiocchi‘s face, how much do you want to bet that this dapper little gent plays what is politely known as “a handful?”

And Daisy Tahan! We’re guessing this party dress-clad angel gives the hapless Ben Stiller a few comically bad moments…!

Teri Polo knows the secret to winter sexiness: just draw something scanty on top of your clothes. Fools ’em every time.

It’s gotten to the point where nude hose are so rare at premieres that I almost respect Rory Tahari‘s chutzpah in just going there. (Although I think these may be fishnet.)

Modeling the hosiery alternative: Laura Dern.

For that “I-just-escaped-from-the-snakepit-and-couldn’t-get-my-straitjacket-off” look: Laura Harring.

Blythe Danner models something eminently practical that almost no one takes advantage of: the warm evening coat!

Grace Hightower is coming as close to wearing a Snuggie on the red carpet as we have seen, and as such, she wins.

You know what Jessica Alba‘s super-busy flapper dress needed? Some SheRa-esque stripper heels. At least, that must have been someone’s thought process, right?

[Images via Getty]

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