We Ship The Jinx's Cody Cazalas and Jeanine Pirro


HBO wrapped up its explosive Robert Durst documentary last night, just a few hours after reports that Durst had been arrested in New Orleans. Of course that’s the biggest story of the show—which may actually help solve whether Durst was involved in three homicide cases over the past 30 years—but there’s a little mini-plot we’re hoping may be, could be, hopefully true: could Cody Cazalas and Jeanine Pirro be, like, into each other?

Cazalas and Pirro are, of course, key players in two separate Durst investigations, and focal points of the documentary. They each contributed impassioned and engaging interviews to the six-episode series. Cazalas is a detective at the Sheriff’s Department in Galveston, Texas, and was a lead investigator in the murder of Morris Black, the Galveston man Durst was accused of shooting in the back of the head and then dismembering. (He plead guilty to “evidence tampering” in the dismemberment, but claimed the shooting was self-defense and was acquitted of murder.) Jeanine Pirro, on the other hand, is the former Westchester County District Attorney who dedicated her time there to solving the 1982 disappearance of Robert Durst’s wife Kathleen, in which he was always a suspect. Pirro now hosts Justice With Judge Jeanine on Fox News.

Clearly, Cazalas and Pirro have Durst in common—but apparently, they both also enjoy cooking! TOGETHER—as two photos Cazalas posted to Facebook on February 16, 2014, show. The first, with the caption, “I made the homemade meatballs but Jeanine wouldn’t let me near the sauce!!!! Lol”:

And then, of Cazalas in the same kitchen, with the caption, “No worries, I doctored The Sauce with some good ole Miller Lite!!!”:

Of course, it’s very likely that Cazalas and Pirro are Just Friends, but how excellent would it be if these two Totally Hooked Up? Someone commented, “Love it, u look so happy. I’m glad for you both,” while another wrote, “Cool Love Yall Have a great time.”

Cazalas was divorced in 2004, while Pirro’s divorce was finalized in 2013—and they’ve hit a handful of public functions together since. In January, the pair showed up together at the birthday party Geraldo Rivera threw for his wife Erika, and later that month Pirro tweeted a flick of them at a Jinx premiere.

Sure, sure: being photographed with one another doesn’t really Mean Anything, but we are really hoping it does, because how amazing would it be if this litany of horrible tragedies surrounding Durst at the very least left a little love in their wake? This is a power couple we’re shipping, hard.

Images via Facebook. Top Images via Getty.

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