Wear This Coat Made of Chest Hair and Support Hairy Man Chests


Men these days are being subjected to a lot of trends that make them so not manly. Skinny jeans, skinny ties, skinny hair cuts, you name it. The worst part about all this pansy de-manning of men in their natural state of heaving muscles and oozing testosterone is the loss of, perhaps, the manliest feature of man: hairy, sweaty chests. One British company has had enough of this “manning-down” of the UK’s manly men, and to protest, they’ve commissioned a coat made entirely out of chest hair. YEAH, MEN! CHEST HAIR! TESTOSTERONE! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO CHEST HAIR!

Wing Co., a “milk drink for men” (?) is protesting the shaved chest look by shaving a bunch of man chests and making a coat out of it. What better way to fight this supposedly emasculating hair trend than emasculating hundreds of men by cultivating their chest hair? The coat has over one million strands of male chest hair, apparently, and each chest hair represents a man who caved under pressure and shaved his chest against his will. Never again, said these men, and donated their hair to create the masterpiece that is the chest hair coat. There’s a coat for women, too, but it’s unclear whether or not they plucked nipple hairs for that one.

Interestingly, the model sporting the chest hair coat looks pretty hairless himself. That distant look on his face seems to indicate a certain longing for the hair he so lovingly grew upon his chest, hair snatched away and fashioned into a protest coat by a milk drink company. But you can bring meaning to his stolen chest hair. Buy the coat for £2,499 and wear the chest hair of hundreds of men, wear it for all who have no chest hair left to wear.

[Daily Mail]

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