Wedding Mockery: All's Fair In Love And Tulle


We love a train-wreck wedding cake as much as the next guy, but is going too far?

The idea is pretty self-explanatory: the webmaster culls the worst of the worst from magazines, the web, old family photos, and reader tips for our delectation. The headline, “All things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings!” kind of says it all. Some of the faces are blurred, although it’s unclear exactly what the rationale is.

Yeah, some of it’s eye-popping, and if nothing else you’ll come away marveling at the wide variety of tastes and interpretations of beauty and elegance in this great world of ours. I’m sure some people sent in their own pictures. But if you’re a softie like me, after looking at a few you’ll feel bad. After all, most of these brides and grooms look happy, are delighted with their weddings and clearly put thought and work into them. What’s more, it seems cruel to feature them without permission (not like they’d give it.) Celebs or reality TV mavens putting themselves out there for public consumption is one thing; the vast majority of these people are anything but.

I do realize that this Pollyanna-ish view runs counter to the whole esprit of the Internet, and indeed, of our times, which take particular pleasure in lampooning The Wedding and the feminine madness it implies. And it’s a logical idea for a site! But at the end of the day, mocking others’ tastes is a delicate matter; our aesthetics are such a product of influences, socioeconomic backgrounds, family traditions, regional differences that applying an objective standard to ordinary folks’ weddings is a slippery slope, and can easily degenerate into something uncomfortable. Maybe because I’m currently attempting to plan a wedding and find the process completely intimidating, I can’t look at one of these without thinking how much planning and cost went into each choice. But all that said: those yellow and brown ’70s bridesmaids dresses are pretty incredible.

Site of the Day: Tacky Weddings [EW]
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