Weekend Roundup


Christian Dior’s Neo-Nazi Family

There’s a bit of charming file footage of Christian Dior’s niece Françoise that has been going quietly viral in France. Françoise Dior, you see, is a self-described Nazi. More »

Haunting Images From Japan’s Earthquake And Tsunami

At 2:46 p.m. Tokyo time on Friday, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred 80 miles off the coast of Japan, triggering at least 19 aftershocks and a 30-foot tsunami. Local news footage posted by the Associated Press shows buildings being washed away, and there are widespread blackouts and fires along Japan’s eastern coast. More »

Mick Foley Is Back To Fix Your Life

You asked, he answers. Our favorite hardcore wrestling legend isn’t just handy with a steel cage – he also enthusiastically wished you a happy International Women’s Day and, while he was at it, gave some handy advice to answer your questions about work, life, love, and what to do when you can’t throw a chair at someone. More »

Frat Email Calls Women “Targets,” Fallout Ensues

Once again an idiotic college student has brought shame on his fraternity, his school, and possibly the entire Greek system by doing something that confirms every misogynistic frat guy stereotype. Today we received a copy of a an email purportedly written by a member of USC’s Kappa Sigma chapter, in which he offers a treatise on how to be an effective “cocksman” (how creative). Cue the collective disgust. More »

Dov Charney’s Sketchy History Of Scandal

This week, a former employee of our buddy Dov said he forced her to have sex with him for eight months. Sadly, in-house sex slavery isn’t all that surprising when you look at his past pervitudes, meltdowns, questionable management practices, and brushes with the law. More »

Dear James Franco: You Were A Jerk To Me

I’d like to reveal that I too, Kristina Wong, am a woman scorned by a celebrity. I’ve held this secret from the paparazzi for a couple years but what better time than the week after the Oscars for my personal celebrity exposé? More »

Farmers Look For Love On TV, And A Nation Is Captivated

A large sheep farmer named Pieter still lived with his mother when he first appeared on Boer zoekt Vrow (“Farmer Seeks Wife”). Sitting quietly in his yard with the show’s motherly pixie of a host, his big, bumpy face crumpled up. He was lonely he said, looking out over the pasture. This is the most-viewed program in Dutch history. More »

The Many Myriad Sizes In Your Emotionally Manipulative Closet

Trying on clothes recently, I found that the sizes of the garments varied. Widely. One shirt was a Large; another an XL, another an XXL. Pants ranged from 14 to 16 to 18 to 20. An informal poll of coworkers revealed that we all have a minimum of three different sizes in our wardrobes. What the hell? More »

Sexy Toys Make Our Childhoods Cry

We already knew Strawberry Shortcake was a sexy goner, but – et tu, Tinkerbell? In this brave new world, every childhood icon is lissome and dressed in tight jeans. And when she’s not? Well, let’s just say these fairies must have a good waxer. We’re not even going to talk about the sexy horse. More »

How To Shop Online (Part 1)

If we’re going to tackle the wild and woolly world of online shopping, first things first: what do all those different sizes mean? More »

Media Blows It With Pathetic Gang Rape Coverage

In Cleveland, Texas, 18 young men and boys have been charged with participating in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in an abandoned trailer home. As if the event weren’t awful enough, the papers reporting the incident aren’t exactly being, oh, say, fair in their reportage. More »

I Played Phone Tag With Charlie Sheen

This weekend I found myself socializing with a group of close friends and colleagues, one of whom had Charlie Sheen’s phone number. You know where this is going. More »

How To Get Along With Your Neighbors

Neighbors are like roommates you only see every once in a while, and don’t have to share a bathroom with. But even the occasional encounter with someone who kind of shares your living space can bring up challenges – and our tips will help you deal with them. More »

An Abortion Provider On Unsafe Clinics

We talked to retired provider Dr. Suzanne Poppema about the future of abortion care, the potential consequences of defunding Planned Parenthood, and how the climate of shame around abortion actually leads to more unsafe clinics. More »

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