Welp, Rebecca Minkoff Might Be Joining ‘Real Housewives of New York City’

The designer is "shooting with the cast" of the RHONY, so says sources close to production.

Welp, Rebecca Minkoff Might Be Joining ‘Real Housewives of New York City’

On this day, 18-year-old Audra is gagged because none other than Rebecca Minkoff—the woman behind a bag known to basics everywhere—is headed where all fashion girlies of an era gone by inevitably end up: Reality television. Hell, you likely already know where I’m going with this…she’s reportedly joining the cast of the Real Housewives of New York City.

According to sources close to production who spoke to Page Six, the designer has been “shooting with the cast” though it’s not yet clear how substantive her role in the beloved franchise will be. In Bravo-speak, this just means that producers haven’t properly assessed how made for reality television magic (table-flipping, glass-throwing, etc.) Minkoff actually is. Once they do—and they always do—she’ll either be granted a golden apple or given the “friend-of” treatment. Deadline, too, reported the news on Tuesday.

My guess is that producers wanted Jenna Lyons to have an industry peer, so whichever status she’s granted (if any, since there’s always a chance that it won’t work out), frankly, will technically do!

Now, Minkoff is what we on the internet like to call a choice (derogatory). First and foremost, she’s a longtime Scientologist. As in, there are photos of her with Danny Masterson and her family has donated a lot of money to the institution, according to Yashar Ali. And she’s never hid it either: “I’m totally open,” she told the New York Times when prompted about why she didn’t include her relationship with Scientology in her memoir in 2021. “But it’s not my job to proselytize.”

While I’m excited by the notion of a Scientology subplot in the franchise, I’d guess the institution wouldn’t be as thrilled by it. Following Masterson’s recent incarceration, they can hardly suffer any more potentially unflattering press. I’m inclined to believe the Bravoverse is capable of digging up just about anything and at the risk of sounding silly, I do think an army of terminally tuned-in shes, theys, and gays could bring down the whole damn thing.

Regardless, I will be watching!

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