Wendy Williams and Christie Brinkley Are Still At It

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Wendy Williams and Christie Brinkley Are Still At It
Screenshot: (Christie Brinkley Instagram )

Last week, I dared hope that the Wendy Williams/Christie Brinkley feud would sustain itself long enough to require closer attention, and reader, my wish was granted.

As the feud moves into its third week, let us recap: Brinkley recently broke her arm during Dancing With the Stars rehearsals, tapping her 21-year-old daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, to dance in her place. Williams said the cast looked “fake as hell” and the broken arm story was simply a ploy to get some traction for Brinkley-Cook’s burgeoning modeling career. Since Williams introduced the conspiracy, the Brinkleys have launched a passive-aggressive love and light defense:

“I mean like, whoever spews hatred needs more love. So love you Wendy!” Offspring Brinkley recently told reporters. Meanwhile, Matriarch Brinkley went on The View to say that Williams is “so dark inside” to suggest her injuries might not be on the up and up. Williams countered by saying Brinkley did not appear to fall hard enough to break an arm.

On Friday, Matriarch Brinkley celebrated #NationalDaughtersDay by giving Sailor the gift of receipts in the form of 13 photographs of X-Rays, the cast coming off, and images of our foremost Brinkley model in various poses serving urgent care realness.

As someone who once broke an arm on the dance floor doing a particularly enthusiastic Y in the YMCA dance, let me give anecdotal evidence that one need only be very bad at dancing to break an arm while dancing. It’s the angle of the fall that counts.

Let me also say, if Christie Brinkley really did break an arm but did so purposely to give Sailor her shot at hammily dancing on television, this feud has moved into Stella Dallas reboot territory, and I’m going to need some clear, bittersweet resolution. Perhaps the original Brinkley could watch in the rain as a new Brinkley rightfully claims the spotlight, leaving no room for a proud, yet brokenhearted mother. [Page Six]

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