What Does Football Have To Do With Body Lotion?


Since women account for 44% of NFL fans, the NFL has decided to introduce thousands of new products for chicks. The cute T-shirts and hoodies are fine. But jeans? Yoga mats? Body lotion?

According to a story by the AP, today, the NFL is league is launching a $10 million marketing effort with TV commercials and a new website for women. Most of the stuff — tees, flip-flops, jackets — make sense, look cute, and will fit right in at stores like Victoria’s Secret and Destination Maternity, where the NFL plans to sell items this fall. And women seem to love it:

The offerings are also being expanded to cater to women of all sizes, including plus and maternity. One of the best sellers so far this year is a pairing of a team logo maternity top and matching outfit for a baby…

But while nail polish in your favorite team’s colors is awesome, Steelers-branded natural brown sugar scrub? Just weird. And isn’t something just a little stereotypical about all this? Men are sporty and athletic; women are spectators who moisturize, get dressed up and paint their nails to watch. True facts!

NFL Woos Women Shoppers At Thousands Of Stores [NPR via AP]
NFL Women’s Apparel [NFL]

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