What Is UP With This Gone Girl Magazine Cover?


Entertainment Weekly has an early glimpse at the hotly anticipated Gone Girl, which is scheduled to hit theaters October 3. They even got director David Fincher himself to shoot the cover for the week. And the result is… really something!

The shot appears to be some sort of homage to the famous Rolling Stone cover featuring Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Only it’s a sock-wearing Ben Affleck awkwardly cuddled up to a scantily clad Rosamund Pike. They’re in character, and she’s dead (complete with toe tag) and he looks like he’s about to start giggling from sheer awkwardness, and they’re in a morgue on top of a gurney. It’s weird.

Granted, the movie’s about a man suspected of killing his missing wife, but still—”99 movies, TV shows, albums and books to die for” is laying it on a little thick.

Also, for the record, Fincher doesn’t give a crap about “likable characters” (which certainly explains why he took this particular project):

“I don’t know what ‘likable’ is. I know people who are doting parents, who give to charity, drive Priuses, all those things, who are insufferable a- -holes,” he says. “I like people who get s - - - done.”

I never want to be stuck in an elevator with David Fincher.

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