What Makes You an Otarian?


Otarian (noun): 1. of the earth. 2. New, low-carbon veggie restaurant, where everything—from the floor, to the tables—is made from recycled materials. Can you rival the greenness? Send us your Tales of Green Living and you could win a recyclable prize! Click through for details.

To enter the contest, tell us what makes you an Otarian (how/why you live green). Email entries to [email protected] by noon on Friday 4/30. Fifty winners will receive an Otarian coupon booklet that offers discounts on meals at the Otarian near you! [Rules]

Otarian’s brand new NYC locations are open for business at 154 Bleecker Street and 947 8th Avenue in Manhattan. And you can save the planet at both—on your lunch hour.

How? Well, anything procured for the restaurants has the lowest possible impact on the environment. There is a strict, no air-freight policy and they buy everything as locally as possible. Used oil is turned into bio fuel. Packaging is either composted or recycled. Even employees are encouraged to walk or cycle to work. And the food is carbon footprinted so you can see how little CO2e your meal has created.

The Otarian Menufesto includes delicious and Earth-conscious items such as:

Roasted TomatO Soup
Beetroot O Feta Salad
Roasted Vegetable Couscous
VegO Burger
Vegetable Biryani
Choc O Mousse
Panna Cotta O Berry
Apple Crumble

This is just a sample of what’s on offer. Click here for the full menu!

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