What The Boy Next Door Thinks a First Edition of The Iliad Looks Like


Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press circa 1439 A.D., and Homer’s The Iliad was likely written around 762 B.C. Here’s what Jennifer Lopez’s new movie The Boy Next Door says a first edition of The Iliad looks like:

The movie tells the story of Claire (Jennifer Lopez), a broken-hearted CLASSICS TEACHER, who begins a dangerous sexual relationship with Noah, her new 19-year-old next door neighbor. Before things get really racy (and racy they certainly get), Noah, a fellow CLASSICS ENTHUSIAST, has to woo her—which he does by picking up this “first edition” of a nearly 3,000-year-old book for “a buck at a garage sale.”

Who knew that old Greek scrolls came so cheap and beautifully bound? I haven’t felt this informed since J. Lo taught me about Turkey Time.

You can watch the clip of this highly questionable gifting here.

Images via Universal.

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