What Was Martha Stewart Drinking While Thinking About These Chickens?

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What Was Martha Stewart Drinking While Thinking About These Chickens?

I don’t use Instagram all that much, but when I do decide to punish myself with one of those Instagram Lives everyone seems to be streaming lately, I’m thinking I’ll follow more chicken-centric accounts. Why? Martha Stewart’s drunken commenting!

While perusing the Best Little Hen House in Texas account over the weekend—which is about chickens, in case you were unsure—Stewart offered up what she probably thought was a biting mixture of criticism and helpful advice. The only problem, however, was it was near incomprehensible, mostly due to the booze.

In her comment, which fans immediately flocked to, she wrote:


By my best approximation, it appears she was trying to say: “Make sure you feed and water them daily and keep the heat lamps on inside. And when you can finally come back to NYC, who is going to care for them??” Immediately after, she updated puzzled chicken viewers on her state:


The account in question, The Best Little Hen House in Texas, is the work of Marfa, Texas-based photographer Douglas Friedman. This morning, Stewart clarified on Twitter what exactly was happening in this incomprehensible mess.

Question: Just what was she drinking, you think? The comment reeks of wine to me, but I can also see her opting for a spritzer! [Us Weekly]

Wondering what Prince Harry is up to? Well, thank god for his BFF Jane Goodall. The anthropologist graciously took the time out of her busy schedule, which lately includes making incomprehensible claims about the “origins” of coronavirus, to inform the Radio Times that Prince Harry is “finding life a bit challenging right now.” OK, thanks Jane!

She also told the outlet that Harry might also stop hunting because Meghan Markle “doesn’t like hunting.” Previously, both he and his brother have been heavily criticized for their rich people pastimes, so I’d say it’s all well and good that Markle has put her foot down about having guns in or outside the house. They have Archewell to run! The man has no business flitting around killing animals for sport. [The Guardian]

Imagine being locked inside with the Property Brother and Zooey Deschanel!

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